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✓ Access to More Marketplaces?
✓ 200+ Carriers for Property, Casualty, and Commercial Insurance?
✓ Better Commissions? Better Bonuses?
✓ Freedom?
✓ Training?
✓ Ongoing Marketing Education?
✓ The Ability to Represent your CLIENT and not a CARRIER?
✓ A Lucrative Contract Perfect for YOU?
✓ To focus on the product YOU love instead of what's pushed
✓ Not having to deal with corporate who's focused on THEIR goals?
✓ Ownership of YOUR Book of Business?
✓ A team with 50+ years experience on both the carrier and aggregator side that truly understands the business?
✓ A Deep Understanding of which carriers are the most competitive in YOUR direct marketplace?
✓ The right to pass your agency down to your children and create legacy opportunity?
✓ The Peace of Mind that You are Partnered with the Absolute BEST partner for your sustained growth?
✓ A chance to spend your career growing and dominating with the Beards of Insurance Soup?

We understand you because WE are YOU!

Having spent the last decade as Licensed Agents, Agency Owners, Digital & Social Media Marketers, and Consultants to literally over 41,000 Insurance Agents from all carriers, all states, and all areas of the country, we at Career Insurance Agents understand YOU, this INDUSTRY, and what is necessary to have SUCCESS.

Both Captive Agency Models and Independent Agency Models have their fair share of frustrating elements. Pitfalls that can create difficult circumstances for an Agent to succeed.

Captives are subject to carrier appetite, rate environments, compliance, many hoops to jump for solid bonuses, lower commissions, and limited product selection.

Independents struggle with steep learning curves, having to string many technologies together, lack of training, lack of support, balancing the requirements of multiple carriers, and having to figure out how to brand and educate their market not only on who THEY are but what carriers they represent.

We wondered why there was not an alternative that solved most if not all of these problems and we began a journey to create it.

It took several years as well as 13 different sets of conversations and negotiations with various aggregators around the country to provide the best Independent solution for YOU the agent.

We spoke to every potential partner about contracts for Agents... Training... Support... Compensation... Culture... Atmosphere... and with each and every company we spoke to there was something that just did not feel or seem right. An element that felt like it was unfavorable to the Agent.

Our goal has always been putting the Agent first and making sure EVERYTHING we do has that goal in mind. If you are a regular of Insurance Soup or use any of our products or services that is no secret to you.

In 2018, after a long journey, we found a national partner that shared our vision that has been doing great things with Agents for over 20 years.

What we brought to the table enhanced and amplified a company and set of systems and processes that were already the best we had come across prior to our involvement.

Career Insurance Agents (also known as CIA) is proud to be bringing Agency opportunities:

  • To 45 states
  • Access to 200 plus national, regional, and local carriers
  • Multiple contracts to fit agents needs with varying commission, bonus, and equity splits
  • Profit sharing
  • An amazing internal team of 55+ to provide top notch personal and commercial lines training and support
  • Collective Agency Council marketing education, agency operations, training, and communities that ensure that you are never trying to figure out how to grow your Agency without a team of experts and peers having your back and in your corner.

Simply put there is no way to compare us to any other company in the industry as our overall deliverable is a level above the rest.

We are all the positives of both the captive and independent models while eliminating the negatives.

The very first and ONLY Hybrid model in the industry offering the support, training, and community you need with the carrier selection, commissions, bonuses, and freedom you deserve.


Agency Owner

Ron Wadley

"CIA has been hands down the best career move for me and my agency"

Licensed And Doing Business In 45 States


With having agents all over the country, we understand the importance of knowing EXACTLY what carriers you will NEED to be successful based off of your vision and our proven data. Instead of throwing darts at a dartboard crossing our fingers we get it right, we have taken the guess work out the equation. CIA strives to have our agents closing 50-60% right from the start and continuing to add to the carriers to their list to make sure they have exactly what they need for not only their marketplace but to align with their agency goals.

Here's a few you NEED to consider when looking at carrier appetite:

✓ Is the aggregator you're looking to partner with use big data to determine which carrier represents the most marketshare in your state? CIA DOES!
✓ Does the aggregator use last months data where millions of quotes are processed to analyze the reports to see where other independent agents are having success? CIA DOES!
✓ Does the aggregator use boots on the ground intel to know what carriers are competitive against who? CIA DOES!
✓ Does the aggregator look at their active agents in your area's production and commission reports to know where the most business is being written but also where their agents are making the most money? CIA DOES!
✓ Does the aggregator just offer you the national carriers or are they providing you the the specialized regional carriers along with the national carriers to make you as you competitive as possible? CIA DOES!


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North Carolina CIA Agent with 4 years experience who came from Farm Bureau

"CIA has been great to work with. I left a captive carrier and went independent back in Oct 2020. I cannot imagine how much more challenging it would have been to try to do this myself. The amount of resources in the organization that are available to lean on when you have questions is incredible. If you are considering making some moves, be sure to reach out to CIA and they will get you on the path to success. Also, the carrier selection they were able to get me has allowed me to have a 75% conversion rate over the past 6 months."

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CIA Agent in CA with 10 years experience who came from State Farm

My experience with CIA was super smooth and I had a great time speaking with Amanda. She answered any questions I had and made sure to point out certain things that I may have missed. I felt that transparency was really important. I was up and running within six weeks of signing my contract and felt that not only were they there to answer my questions but they were also there to make sure that I got the items on time for my launch date. I really appreciated that support.

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TX CIA Agent with 7 years experience who came from another aggregator

I joined CIA leaving another aggregator because they had the best contract, best support, best training that can come with any other option out there. You will make more money because they have your back. 

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CIA Agent from GA with 4 years experience who came from Farmers Insurance

My experience with CIA has been life changing. They have answered any question that I've ever had and made sure that I understood my contract fully. Honestly, it's been more support than I ever had with my captive carrier. They truly care about my success. 

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CIA Agent from TX with 10 years experience who came from Liberty Mutual

My experience with CIA has been a breath of fresh air. Whenever you're trying to start up an agency, it becomes really clear when you start talking to a bunch of other aggregators that they are willing to say any and everything to get you onboard. Having the experience with CIA where they took the time to walk through what was best for my family, the future of the business, and for them to take a truly caring and sympathetic look at what works best was night and day different from what we experienced with the others. CIA was the best possible option that I could have imagined.
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CIA Agent from Colorado with 7 years experience who came from a captive carrier

"I just wanted to say thank you for all  CIA has done for me over the last 10 months. Starting scratch indy was exciting and scary coming from what I thought was a good spot being captive. I spent 6 years captive and never eclipsed the $1M book size.  Only 10 months since joining CIA and with the right carriers, I have done over 1 million in business as a one man show."

Are you READY to take the leap into agency ownership?

Our proven system is designed to help newly licensed agents all the way to the agents with 20 plus years experience.
Training and Development

Most agents undervalue the importance of training until until its too late and they start feeling they are on an island. Our agents at CIA get dedicated personal lines AND commercial lines trainers


One of the keys to consistent production is creating a pipeline that never goes dry. CIA agents receive FREE access to the industry leading program, Collective Agency Council, where over 5000+ agents have had success


It's important to maximize every conversation, every time to ensure that you sell every product that you offer in every call. Our built-in pivots leave no opportunities wasted, and they are just a click away.


You work hard to acquire customers, so making sure they stay with you for years to come is just as important. With our innovative retention strategies, keeping your retention above industry average is our goal.


With over 20+ years experience in launching, building and scaling agencies, we know what it takes to take a small operation to the next level. Whether you're a one agent operation or striving to build the next mega agency, we will help you get there.

Carrier Relationships

Our goal is to get our agents to 50-60% close ratio from the start. Knowing what carriers to choose based off of proven data allows us to make sure you have the most competitive carriers at your disposal.